Centrally managed features

Backup for

Enterprise grade backup for stateful applications running in any Kubernetes deployment with advanced vaulting capabilities for a true multi-cloud data protection solution.


Infranetes can manage multiple backup copies across multiple clouds/data centers and enforce retention policies based on your data governance requirements.

Migrate Kubernetes applications

Turnkey migration of your entire Kubernetes stack from any cloud or data center to another cloud or data center. Eliminate vendor lock-in!


Restore individual application components or the entire cluster to any Kubernetes environment.

Standards based

Infranetes works with any Container Storage Interface (CSI) compatible persistent storage technology to provide native snapshot management for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes. Application level consistency is managed via integrations with application specific operators.

How it works

Step 1

Download CLI

Use Infranetes CLI to simplify cluster registration and vault configuration.

Step 2

Register cluster

Easily connect your Kubernetes cluster to Infranetes platform. Gain visibility across all your clusters.

Step 3

Add additional
applications and vaults

Simple configuration of protected resources. Visualise your application dependencies.

Step 4

Perform backup

Create Backup Plan, assign Policy and let Infranetes handle the rest.

Step 5


Restore anywhere, migrate your applications between the cloud providers or even your on-premise clusters.

Supported platforms

Works with any cloud storage service (AWS S3 or compatible, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage) or NFS storage appliance.

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